The permanent team of Square1Translations consists of Ine, business manager and translator-interpreter, Lennart, translator and management assistant, Dieter, translator and copywriter, Yasmine, translator, Dagmar, translator, and Bert, partner and responsible for financial and general administration.

Ine, the driving force behind Square1Translations, has over 13 years’ professional experience in the fields of translation, interpreting and project management. Passionate about the French language from an early age, Ine completed an internship at the Belgian Embassy in Paris during her Interpreting/Translation studies. She then went on to work as a legal translator at the renowned law firm, Linklaters LLP. She later worked as a technical/business translator at Bis-Technics. After gaining 6 years’ experience as an in-house translator, she pursued her dream of going freelance. After a few years she had built up such a large network of freelancers that she decided to set up her own translation agency. She didn’t have to think long about a name that completely fit her vision: Square1Translations, because every translation is the start of a new story. It brings us back to square one.

Lennart, translator and Ine’s right-hand man, has also always been fascinated by language. In 2018, he received his Master’s degree in French/English translation from the Free University of Brussels. His passion and drive are reflected in his work.

Dieter started at Square1Translations as a student and we soon realised he was someone we should hang onto. Dieter has experience as a translator with a Dublin-based company and also in his home country. In addition to being a translator and proofreader, Dieter is also an excellent copywriter.

Yasmine has a love for language and likes to be creative with it. It gives her great satisfaction to help clients to achieve the perfect translation.

Dagmar finds it fascinating how a translator can break down the “language barrier” and thus simplify the communication for the client. She does not like literal translations and almost always find a creative way to communicate the text in a clear way to the client.

Bert is Ine’s husband and a partner in the business. He handles the financial side and general administration. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and knows all the tricks of the trade. Because Bert likes dealing with figures, he’s an indispensable asset in our world of linguists.





Dagmar Square1Translations



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