Every text we write tells a fresh story.

Every translation we handle is a new beginning.

Every job we accept provides another challenge.

Everything we do brings us back to SQUARE1.


This brings us back to square one.

I first heard this expression during one of the last interpreting sessions of my interpreting studies. It struck me as such a strong and symmetrical expression that it just had to be the name of my translation agency.
Because every translation is a new beginning.

I’m Ine Hermans, professional translator/interpreter and business manager of Square1Translations since 2007.

We offer translations in all languages and language combinations, and for all sectors. Thanks to our large network of professional translators, there is no assignment we can’t handle. Our network gives us a great deal of flexibility when working to tight deadlines. I’m always able to find the right person who can grasp exactly what your business is about. We only work with native speakers who each have their own specialisation. Moreover, each translation is checked by a proofreader who is also a native speaker. This is how we achieve translations of the highest quality, every time.


We don’t just convert words from one language to another…

For Square1Translations, translation is about conveying your story, your company culture, the atmosphere and vibe in the right language.

We know your words are personal. We respect that. So from beginning to end, your words remain in human hands, translated and approved by us.

Smart technology, such as CAT tools, is used support our creative process and ensure the uniformity and quality of all your texts.


Need a technical manual, legal documents, product sheets, marketing campaigns or brochures translated?

We can help you with translations (sworn or not) in any language in a wide range of specialised fields.

Square1Translations only works with native speakers who feel completely at home in a specific professional field. As a result, our translations are not only translated accurately but we also understand the nuances of word choice, phrasing and tone.

We have a great deal of experience with:

  • Legal translations
  • Technical translations
  • Business translations
  • Sworn translations


We’re very proud of our base of clients and so we’d like to introduce some of them.
For reasons of confidentiality and privacy, not all names of customers and products can be mentioned.


Satisfied clients, that’s what we do it for.That’s what drives us every day.

It makes us very happy when they share their experience with Square1Translations here.


Are you satisfied with our services?

By giving feedback, you are not only generating publicity for  Square1Translations but for your own business as well. So it’s a win-win situation.

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