We translate documents on all conceivable subjects, but are particularly strong in translations for specialist fields.

Only experienced translators with specialist knowledge will work on your project, because a thorough knowledge of the concepts and jargon of your industry is essential for a top-quality result. 


Whether you are in the early stages of development or already making a new product, you can count on us for accurate automotive translations with fast delivery.

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If you’re looking for a translation of accompanying documents (manuals, safety data sheets, product descriptions, etc.) for your electronic or domestic appliances, our network of experienced technical translators guarantees you the best results.

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Legal translations are a delicate matter. Each word is carefully considered and weighed in these translation assignments. When in doubt, feedback is given to the client. Legal translations often concern regulations, annual reports, contracts, rules of conduct, judgements, articles of association, general terms and conditions or financial documents. All documents are handled with the utmost discretion.

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You can also rely on us for all of your sworn translations. A sworn translator is a translator who has taken a professional oath in court and is therefore authorised to translate certain official documents and affix a personal stamp, signature and sworn statement to them. These include amendments to the articles of association, diplomas, birth certificates, proof of good behaviour and morals, certificates of civil status, etc.

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Medical documentation, such as user manuals for medical equipment and leaflets for medication, should always be translated by translators with specialist knowledge in both the medical and technical fields. Our translators understand this and will use their expertise to produce an accurate medical translation.

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Are you considering targeting speakers of other languages in your country or expanding your business globally? Or do you want to promote a new product or service? Our translators with marketing expertise understand how important it is that a marketing translation sounds natural to the target audience. Our experienced native speakers translate your company brochures, corporate website or presentations ensuring that your documents have the desired impact

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Translations are our core business.
For us, translating is more than just typing up words in another language.

For all our translations we work with native speakers, specialised in a particular subject area.

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Translated a text yourself but not sure whether it’s grammatically correct?

We’ll be happy to help you.

We provide you with a corrected version and make sure it is ready to publish.

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Have you been thinking about writing blogs and newsletters but you do not have the time or inspiration? We will gladly handle it for you.

Our team of creative writers will magically turn any subject into a ready-made text that you can publish on your social media channels. This will create more online visibility for you, without take up more of your time. Leave it to us!

Square1Translations will clearly get your message out there, and that in multiple languages!

We will not send out a text that does not run as smooth as a train.


Expecting a foreign guest or organising a seminar?

We offer simultaneous interpreting, sight translation and consecutive interpreting.

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